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In the internet world today, there's a lot of spam roaming around taking up valuable space in your inbox and wasting your time. But how do you stop spam if there is so much out there? Simple. You get a Spam Filter to try and weed out any unwanted mail and protect your email. Unfortunately, a Spam Filter won't stop spam entirely, but it will certainly slow it down.

Spam Filters are all over the internet. But, it would take a while to search for a solution to stop spam. If you're already searching for a solution, then it's already a problem. If its already a problem, you don't want to waste your time searching how to stop spam or trying to find Spam Filters, you want to kill spam now. That's where we come in. We have already searched the web looking for Spam Filters and put them on our Get a Spam Filter page. Visit our Spam Filter page and download Spam Filters from a number of different vendors. We have Spam Filters to help you in the war to stop spam. Get Email Spam protection from spam a Spam Filter and say goodbye to that troublesome spam. Spam Filters help to protect your email from spammers sending out mass mailings of information. Make sure that you are making good use of Spam Filters and get email protection now! Take a stand and Fight Spam!

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There are other ways to stop spam without using a Spam Filter.

How to Stop Spam without using Spam Filters

  • Never ever respond to a spam email. This will let them know they have a good address and will continue to send spam.
  • As hard as it may be, try not to post your email on your website. It is easy to get your email address from here and the software programs spammers use will just add your address to the millions they already have.
  • To stop spam from getting to you through newsgroups, start another email address that you use in public forums and keep another one private.
  • Use a Spam Filter to keep spam from getting out of hand.
  • If you receive spam, never buy anything from it.

A study by CDT collected data on the ways that E-mail address are gathered for spam. The results were far from surprising. The following graph shows that plaintext E-mail address, which is what everybody posts, got the most spam.

stop spam, get Spam Blockers, learn to stop spam without Spam Blockers

The number of messages that were received were directly related to how popular the web page was. However even with the popular site, both the human-readable and HTML-obscure received no spam.
(A human-readable email address would be: 'junkmail at hotmail dot com'. An HTML-obscure email address would be: '& #097& #110' etc. using these codes to write out your email.)

But, what if you don't want to go through all the trouble of disguising your email address? It isn't fair to have to work around spam. The number of emails could have been greatly reduced by obtaining a Spam Filter. If you are sick and tired of getting spam that takes up space and wastes your time, buy a Spam Filter and stop spam from attacking you. Fight Spam with a Spam Filter.

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