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What is Spam

Simply put, spam is Unsolicited Commercial Email. But you may ask, well, if it is actually called Unsolicited Commercial Email, where in the world did the nickname 'spam' come from? Well, if anyone is familiar with Monty Python, they may know of a skit where the waitress offers spam with each entree though the customer doesn't want it. Furthermore, there is a Viking Choir who bursts out into song about how wonderful spam actually is. Spam is pretty much like the skit. Nobody wants to have spam, but we get it anyway, just like the waitress offers spam but the customer doesn't want it.

Now that spam has begun to flourish, marketers are beginning to send spam to pitch their products to you. But, how do they get your email address? They buy it from a list broker. Now, is it fair that your private email address is collected and then sold? No, it's not. But, other than a Spam Filter for your email, there isn't much else you can do.

In a report done by the Federal Trade Commission, they found that the types of spam generally fell into a set of eight different sections. The following table shows these sections.

The vast majority of the Leisure/Travel messages prize and vacation promotions and the Heath messages generally advertised weight loss products and intimacy aids.

The number of ads that had false "From", "Subject", or Body Text were broken up into each of the different types of spam. These false fields were lower for product sales and were much higher for investment opportunities.

Green : Adult Blue : Computers/Internet
Purple : Education Yellow : Finance
Grey : Health Red : Investment/Business Opportunities
Cyan : Leisure/Travel Black : Other
Orange : Products/Services

And Remember...

Be very careful where you post your email addres as you may end up getting spammed. If you need a Spam Filter get one now on our Spam Filter page. If you don't want to get a Spam Filter visit our page about how to Stop Spam without using a Spam Filter.

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